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    EWP Gets New Credentials

    Over the winter months, I like to go back to school. This school happens to be the Milwaukee Lead/Asbestos Information Center. This year, I passed the Lead Abatement Worker and Lead Abatement Supervisor initial course requirements. All that's needed from here is a test with the Department of Heath Services in downtown Madison and I'll be a certified lead abatement company. 

    With so many homes in Madison with peeling lead paint, I thought it would be a good idea to learn the process necessary to remove the lead hazard. I found, in most cases, it is better and or cheaper to enclose or replace the lead hazard. Enclosure would be adding aluminum window wraps to your window frames and sills. Replacing would be taking out that old, peeling window and putting in a new one with no lead paint present. 

    The costs associated with lead abatement as far as painting goes is steep. To chemically or mechanically remove the lead paint and clean the area before repainting will take about three times the time in labor and a mountain more paper work. But, the benefit will be permanent. For now, we will continue to approach all older homes with peeling paint in a lead-safe manner and follow all city regulations. In time, we may offer full lead-abatement services.

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