Painting and Staining a Basement Remodel
Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 4:56PM
Eric Welch in interior painting, shellack, staining

Basement Remodeled by Artisan Remodel of Madison, Wi. Finishing done by Eric Welch Painting LLC.

Basement transformed with skillful design and custom woodwork.

All painting and staining on this project was done by EWP and crew over a couple of weeks time. It was completed in stages to work around the carpenter and electrician. Mike, of Artisan Remodel, really outdid himself on this project.

We started by staining all the oak in the middle of the basement before assembly.  One coat of paint was put on the ceiling and walls. Then, the carpenter and electrician did there handy work, and after skillfully assembling a basement masterpiece, we came back to finish the project. We laid two coats of shellac on the wood, sanding and filling holes between coats. Then, another finish coat of paint on the walls and trim. 



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