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    EWP Gets New Credentials

    Over the winter months, I like to go back to school. This school happens to be the Milwaukee Lead/Asbestos Information Center. This year, I passed the Lead Abatement Worker and Lead Abatement Supervisor initial course requirements. All that's needed from here is a test with the Department of Heath Services in downtown Madison and I'll be a certified lead abatement company. 

    With so many homes in Madison with peeling lead paint, I thought it would be a good idea to learn the process necessary to remove the lead hazard. I found, in most cases, it is better and or cheaper to enclose or replace the lead hazard. Enclosure would be adding aluminum window wraps to your window frames and sills. Replacing would be taking out that old, peeling window and putting in a new one with no lead paint present. 

    The costs associated with lead abatement as far as painting goes is steep. To chemically or mechanically remove the lead paint and clean the area before repainting will take about three times the time in labor and a mountain more paper work. But, the benefit will be permanent. For now, we will continue to approach all older homes with peeling paint in a lead-safe manner and follow all city regulations. In time, we may offer full lead-abatement services.


    When to Start Painting an Exterior

    When is it time to start painting outside? You've got an exterior that is itching to get some paint on it, but there's still a chance of snow... Don't take the risk. Wait for the right weather and you'll rest assured that your new paint job will last as long as it should.

    It's ok to paint outside when it stops freezing at night for at least a couple of weeks. Once the forecast looks like it's in the 60's and dropping down to the 40's at night, then it is fine to paint outside. The last thing anybody wants is premature paint failure by jumping the gun, so it's better to fault on the safe side and wait for the weather to warm. I'll most likely begin the first exterior the first week of May. 

    What about Indian Summer? So you've got 1-2 weeks of unseasonably warm weather in November or even March. Go ahead, but be careful. Make sure that you apply the paint during the warmest part of the day and that there is ample time for the paint to dry before the cold, moist air comes in at night. 



    Bathroom and kitchen remodel part 2 (willy st.)

    The bathroom is coming along nicely, mostly finished now.  All the painting has been completed by my Madison painters. The new tub and shower is a huge improvement, allowing the new tenant more room. The floor was leveled and a new sink was installed. All the plumbing was moved to maximize the usable space, which is at a minimum.  A fresh coat of paint later, and this room is looking pretty nice. 

    Willy St. bathroom after photoArtisan Remodel bathroom painted by Eric Welch Painting

    As you can see, both bathrooms have their own characteristics. The bathroom on the left, is a remodel done on a budget for a rental unit and the one on the right, was completed for the homeowner by Artisan Remodel, a Madison area custom builder. Each type of remodel has its place. For before photos of the Willy St. remodel visit this blog post. Be warned, it is not a pretty sight. 

    EWP will typically only paint a finished bathroom or kitchen remodel after the builder has finished. 


    EWP Teams Up With The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

    A synergetic partnership is formed.

    MADISON, March 2, 2013 - Eric Welch Painting is going to provide pro bono, lead-safe painting services for the Wisconsin Academy's Old University office as part of a new business partnership. What started as an emergency call, has turned into a longer term relationship.

    Due to failing (and falling) paint in the Wisconsin Academy’s coffee room, an emergency call was made to the experts at Eric Welch Painting. "The paint was literally falling off the wall," remarked, Eric. "Once the wallpaper was removed, it would expose more and more peeling paint." Preparation is key for any paint job, interior or exterior, and especially when lead-based paint is involved.

    Through pro bono and discounted work, EWP will provide the painting and lead-safe renovations in current and future projects, while the Wisconsin Academy will offer their vast network of publications, artists, and academic knowledge. A community like Madison is strengthened both socially and economically when people and their businesses work together towards mutual goals. EWP helps by adding color and vibrancy, and at the same time helps make safe potential health hazards, such as lead paint. The Wisconsin Academy offers many avenues for leading artists and academics to share their works and knowledge, shining a spotlight on some of Madison's best intellectual capital.

    Eric Welch Painting is a Madison area painting contractor that specializes in interior and exterior painting services. Through lead-safe practices, we make dirty, exterior paint jobs, painless and clean with a focus on the future.


    Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel on a Budget Part One

    A rental unit in the iconic Williamson St. neighborhood gets an economical face lift. 

    The leading character in this story is a 115 year old, three-story, two-flat home located on Willy St. It has a storied history that can be traced back through historical society documents to its birthplace around the capitol in downtown Madison. By horse and carriage, it was transported, along with the neighboring house, 1.3 miles to its final resting place.

    The home was purchased in the fall of 2008 during the mortgage crises. Lehman Brothers fell about 10 days after the deed was signed. But, the price was right and it will always attract renters, so on with the story.

    There was no driveway or parking, the shingles were starting to buckle and disintegrate, lead based paint was falling off the soffits, gutters and trim. Both porches, front and side, were in tough shape; one still is. Over the last 4-5 years my handy parents and I have given the house a total interior and exterior paint job, new roof, put in a driveway and parking lot and replaced floorboards in the porch. We’ve updated the upstairs bathroom and redone floors throughout, moved doorways and added ceiling fans as a final touch. Total investments so far have been around $20,000-25,000 in labor and materials.

    On the plus side, all the windows in the house were replaced about 6 years ago and 18” of fresh insulation was put in the attic. Project Home’s visited the little old lady who owned this home before us and even dropped in wall insulation and foamed the basement foundation. I’m very thankful for the work Project Home’s has done and continue to volunteer for their annual Paint-a-Thon.

    Now, the current project, slated to begin in two days time, is a complete lower-unit bathroom and kitchen tear-out and remodel. The kitchen and bathroom have been designed by my mom and much of the building and carpentry will be handled by my dad. I’ll be assisting with the finishing work and will give each room a complete new paint job. We are a good team, and together will bring this house into the 21st century.

    Gross! but accurate picture of what the lower-unit kitchen and bath look like:

    The plans were done digitally by Home Depot and all the cabinets and fixtures were found with the help of Google and local hardware stores. The space was not easy to work with, but my mom found a way, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

    Again, I'm so sorry to have posted these before photos. I am not responsible for the condition of these rooms. But, after the remodel and new tenants, we will see a huge improvement. Part Two.