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    1337 Williamson St.

    Madison, WI 53703

    608-770-4020 (cell)





    Apartments: From 300+ units to 2units, Eric Welch Painting offers great turnover painting options. My painters are fast. We use 18" rollers, stilts and other tools to make us very time efficient and competitive. And with many years of painting experience behind each of my painters, no paint will end up where it shouldn’t be and every apartment will be ready in time for the next tenant. Apartment remodels are common and should not come with a headache. On August 14th and 15th of every year there is a huge demand for painters to accomplish a lot in little time. Please call early to schedule your apartments and rest assured they’ll be taken care of and cared for.

    Current clients include: Riverbend Apartments, Kessel Apartments

    Video is for demonstrative purposes only. Most Apartments are painted with a brush and roller. We do offer spray painting services.