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    Among the many things that set my painting company apart from others is our commitment to the environment, and to the health of my customers and crew. On return from a refreshing 6-week trip in South America in February of 2012, my body was shocked when I began painting again, then with latex-based paints in a client’s poorly ventilated basement. The paint fumes reached hazardous levels, and I became sick. Sickness from breathing latex-based paint's volatile organic compounds (VOC) feels like motion sickness, but has much more dangerous and lasting effects. I decided then to commit to using only eco-friendly paints—zero-VOC paints on all indoor residential projects and low- to zero-VOC paints on all exteriors.


    All Hallman/Linsday products that carry the Green Leef Promise meet LEED and industry standards for environmentally resposible coatings. Designed for energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

    Buying locally saves on fuel costs and helps strengthen the community.