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    Eric Welch Painting is Lead-Safe Certified

     Test your paint for lead. Before you test your paint for lead be aware that lead paint was banned for residential use in 1978. If your house was built after 1978 then you will not have lead paint present. If your house was built and painted pre 1978 then chances are you have lead paint present. 

    Eric Welch Painting can test your paint for lead. As a lead-safe renovator, I can handle the proper documentation necessary for the EPA. Paint chips are sent to the Public Health Department of Madison and Dane County. Each sample is $20 and will take 1-2 weeks for test results. Test results are accurate and detailed and all layers of paint are tested.

    From the Public Health Madison & Dane County website:


    "Lead is one of the most serious environmental hazards faced by young children, especially those under six years of age. Many lead hazards still exist in homes and the environment, including paint, folk remedies, plumbing, glazed ceramics, vinyl mini-blinds, chalk, candle wicks, and others. These hazards are commonly present during painting and remodeling of pre-1978 housing. When exposed to lead, young children do not show obvious signs of illness unless the amount of lead in their body becomes very high. However, low levels of lead may cause delays in mental and physical development. While these delays may not be visible when the child is young, they may dramatically affect the child's future. There are medical treatments for lead poisoning, but these have serious side effects and are not recommended unless the child's exposure is very high. For these reasons, it is critical to prevent children from being exposed to lead hazards."

    For more information and video tutorials, visit Lead-Safe Wisconsin

    Download and save the official lead-safe pamphlet (will take a minute to load)