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    When to spray a house?

    When to spray a house? We use a sprayer to apply primer and top coat when the surface area of the siding is large enough to justify the extra cost in paint and preparation. If the side of a home is mostly a continuous expanse of siding then the decision is easy to make. If there are lots of different colors or trim that is not being painted or brick and stone, then chances are spraying wont be the most effective way to accomplish the job. We spray when we can because it is typically more efficient then brushing or rolling and applies paint to a mil specificity. Spraying lays the paint on very smooth, smooth and thick. By spraying we are able to lower the labor rate and apply the paint faster. To sum it up: higher paint cost, lower labor cost.

    Sprayed or brushed it is recommended that one coat of paint be used when the new paint color matches the old, and that two coats of paint are used when there is a color change or the substrate (wood or vinyl) is in bad condition. The first coat protects the house and the second coat protects the first. Whether one or two coats, a primer coat is applied first. Spraying applies the paint very fast and even.  These advantages are suited ideally for vinyl and aluminum siding and gives the siding a near “factory finish.”

    *Interiors can be sprayed as well

    Method: We’ll tape off any windows and doors and lay tarps over all surfaces under and around he area that is going to get painted by sprayer. If needed, we will ask that cars be moved but generally we do not spray on windy days. Windows, trim, door frames and fascias are all generally brushed by hand. We use only Purdy or Wooster brand brushes, most professional painters use these brushes and I suggest you do too if and when you choose to paint. A good brush makes a world of difference.

    After the first coat is a good time to check over the house one more time. Apply additional caulk if a gap is spotted or put on another coat of wood filler to the woodpecker holes. Then, the second coat. This is where the colors really come out and smooth finish of the paint looks its best. Remember, the second coat protects the first coat that protects the house. It’s all about protecting the home from the elements, increasing its value and making it look great at the same time. Tape is pulled as soon as the paint begins to dry. All tape, paper and plastic is disposed of and removed from the premise.

    A final check through and walk-around with the homeowner. We’re not done until the homeowner is satisfied. In other words, we don’t get paid until you’re happy. On top of a complete satisfaction guarantee, we offer a top of the line three-year workmanship guarantee as well.

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    Reader Comments (3)

    When painting an exterior in Madison, WI, prep is always the most important part. Often times this aspect of the job will take the longest. The exterior painting itself is easiest part and when done right the most rewarding. Exterior painters in Madison need to focus on proper lead-safe practices and spend as much time as necessary to ensure the top coat will stick and stay looking great for many years to come.

    April 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEric

    Thanks for the information, I've never sprayed before and I certainly didn't realize you could spray inside as well, best to leave that to the professionals and you certainly seem to be one of them. I love your guarantees and it is a true sign of a true professional that you offer that workmanship guarantee. To make sure a homeowner is happy before you are paid is a great selling point, I'll have to remember that. Thank you for your post.

    April 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKatie

    Hi, great post - thanks! I've been looking for a good exterior painter in Madison for a while now and I may have just stumbled upon a good one here ;) You offer great advice for internal and external Paint jobs, spray jobs, exterior and interior paint spraying and many tips as well that I am very very grateful for - thank you and you'll be hearing from me soon.

    April 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJonesy J

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